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Finance Director/City Treasurer
Jason Kvidera
Finance Director

401 4th Street
PO Box 703 
Sergeant Bluff, IA 51054
Fax: (712)943-2106

Monday - Friday

Purpose of Position
Performs a variety of complex, supervisory, professional, administrative and technical accounting and finance functions to maintain the City's records, systems, and treasury functions of the City, capital projects management, as well as supervising the operations of utility billing, accounts payable/receivable, payroll and customer service.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
The following duties are normal for this position.  They are not to be construed as exclusive or all inclusive.  Other duties may be required and assigned.

1.  Supervises assigned employees
    *Manage and supervise assigned operations to achieve goals within available resources
    *Plans and organizes workloads and staff assignments
    *Trains, motivates and evaluates assigned staff
    *Issues written and oral instructions and reviews employee progress and directs changes as needed
    *Assigns duties and examines work for exactness, neatness and conformance to policies and
    *Maintains harmony among workers and resolves grievances
    *Performs or assists subordinates in performing duties
    *Adjusts errors and complaints

2.  Serves as Chief Financial Advisor to the City Administrator
    *Provides leadership and direction in the development of short and long range financial plans
    *Gathers, interprets, and prepares data for studies, reports and recommendations
    *Coordinates department activities with other departments and agencies as needed
    *Present information to City Council, boards, commissions, civic groups and the general public

3.  Oversees the Financial Operations of the City
    *Responsible for journal entry posting and reconciling of ledgers and accounts
    *Maintains monthly reconciliations of all governmental and proprietary funds of the City
    *Maintains monthly records and prepares monthly Treasurer reporting of all cash accounts, cash 
      equivalents and investments
    *Forecasts, estimates, and monitors the financial condition of the City to assure the fiscal well-being 
      of the City
    *Directs the preparation of state and federal reports, including tax reports, the annual debt report,
      the annual TIF certification reporting, the annual TIF report and the Road Use Tax Report

4.  Manages the Annual Fiscal Operating Budget of the City
    *Facilitates budget preparation and execution in conjunction with the City Administrator
    *Prepares and submits the City's annual budget report to the State by March 15 each year
    *Assures that assigned areas of responsibility are performed within the budget
    *Performs cost control activities and monitors revenues and expenditures in assigned area to assure
      sound fiscal control
    *Assists City Administrator in preparing annual budget requests and budget amendments in
      accordance with City Council direction
    *Assures effective and efficient use of budget funds, personnel, materials, facilities and time

5.  Manages the Ongoing Capital Budget of the City
    *Manages the capital projects contracts and associated financials
    *Maintains and reviews the City's Capital Projects on a monthly and yearly basis
    *Assists the City Administrator in preparing the City's annual capital budget

6.  Management of the City's Annual Audit
    *Prepares all journal entries and reconciliations necessary for the City's annual audit and Annual
      Financial Report
    *Coordinates staff assignments regarding report preparation necessary for the City's audit and
      Annual Financial Report
    *Prepares and submits the City's annual report to the State by December 1 each year

7.  Serve as a Deputy Clerk to the City Council as Needed which may Include any of the Following:
    *Supervise and coordinate the preparation and distribution of agendas and support materials for City
      Council and other meetings as needed
    *Attendance at regular and special City Council meetings as needed and record minutes
    *Follow-up on Council items as necessary
    *Preparation and recording of the activities and decisions of the City Council
    *Codification and maintenance of official City records

8.  Responsible for developing and maintenance of the City Clerk Department Annual Budget
    *Forecasting of funds needed for staffing, equipment and materials
    *Monitor and approve expenditures
    *Implement necessary adjustments based on budget activity

9.  Responsible for Human Resources Function of the City
    *Ensure completion of new employee enrollment forms and annual changes, or as necessary
    *File and maintain employee personnel files and records including but not limited to employment and
    *Assist employees with questions regarding insurance benefits
    *Work with payroll clerk to ensure accuracy of employee health insurance benefits as it relates to
    *First reporting of injury tracking
    *Annual OSHA reporting for work related injuries and illnesses
    *Coordinate employee training and maintain documentation of such training

10.  Oversee and Supervise all Public Records Requests
    *Notes and submits requests that need to be reviewed by the City Attorney before being fulfilled

11.  Serve as the Department Head and Liaison for the City Clerk's Office
    *Correspond with other divisions, departments, outside agencies and the general public
    *Negotiate and resolve sensitive and controversial issues
    *Provide responsible staff assistance to the Mayor, City Council, City Administrator, and City
    *Cooperate with the City Administrator and City Council to communicate adopted financial plans,
      policies and procedures to staff and the general public
    *Provide professional advice to other department heads and City Administrator
    *Attend and participate in professional group meetings
    *Maintain awareness of new trends and developments in the fields related to the City Clerk's Office
      including municipal records management and election administration
    *Incorporate new developments as appropriate

Annual Audits
Completing financial audits and establishing appropriate internal controls are essential to maintaining financial health in your community.  Significant changes were made to the municipal oversight system during the 2012 legislative session as all cities are required to complete either an annual audit, annual examination or periodic examination.  Chapter 11 of the Code of Iowa requires cities with a population over 2,000 to have an audit every year.  Cities need to review audit and examination findings and implement any recommendations the auditor makes.

An audit required under state law must be completed within nine months of the end of the fiscal year to be audited.  The City of Sergeant Bluff's fiscal year end is June 30.  This deadline can be extended by the state auditor at the request of the City in writing, provided the failure to meet the deadline was not intentional and not contrary to the public interest.

2009 Annual Audit
         2010 Annual Audit          2011 Annual Audit        

2012 Annual Audit          2013 Annual Audit          2014 Annual Audit

2015 Annual Audit          2016 Annual Audit          2017 Annual Audit

Sergeant Bluff, IA • 401 4th Street • PO Box 703 • Sergeant Bluff, IA 51054 • Ph: (712) 943-4244 •
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