23 on 23 – Trash Free




Our community is taking huge strides to reduce, reuse and recycle. We have extensive recycling and garbage collection systems in place. Unfortunately, we are still seeing litter on land in our community and along the banks of city’s ditches and drainage areas.

Once garbage generated on land enters our waterways, it is referred to as aquatic trash. Not only is aquatic trash an unsightly pollutant but creates a list of problems. For example:

  • Cleaning it up can be expensive for communities and their
  • Can be a breeding ground for bacteria and pests that can spread disease to humans.
  • Clogs up the flow of water that can result in localizing
  • It’s an eyesore that reduces the appeal of our
  • Suffocation and drowning hazard for animals that get

Garbage that originates on land has the potential to make its way to our rivers/streams/lakes in various ways.

Storm drains: rain washes trash from paved surfaces

  • Overflowing or uncovered trash bins
  • Spills from Garbage collection
  • Litter from outdoor events, around businesses and public transit stops

Dumping: Illegal Dumping of waste

  • Dumping of household waste on land or in a stream
  • Illegal encampments near water

Wind: Strong gusts of air moves littler

  • Along highway on/off ramps
  • Litter from uncovered truck beds and other moving vehicles

If you are interested in being a part of the solution, then Take the 23on23 Pledge: https://iowastormwater.org/campaigns/trash‐ free‐land‐trash‐free‐water/

Anyone who takes pride in where they live and work are naturally compelled to act. The less litter people see, the less likely they are to litter as well.

Showing unity and collaboration gets results. Ask neighbors and work friends to sign the 23on23 Pledge. Volunteer at clean‐up events across the community!

On the 23rd of each month, the Storm Water Coordinator will announce the area(s) in town that he will be picking up trash that day. Everyone is welcome to join in! If you are unable to meet up with him, you are welcome to host your own 23on23 in your neighborhood, business or parks of your choosing. #trashfreewater #23on23 #cityofsergeantbluff

Contact Dan Hospers at 712‐203‐0208 if you are interested in getting involved or if you have any questions.