Sergeant Bluff Comprehensive Plan 2043




What is a Comp Plan?

The City of Sergeant Bluff is currently working with SIMPCO to update its comprehensive plan. A comprehensive (or “comp”) plan is a document that outlines a community’s goals and aspirations for its future (typically looking 10-20 years out). It assesses a community’s current conditions and offers insight and recommendations across the topics spanning:

  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Land Use
  • Community Facilities & Services

Sergeant Bluff’s last comp plan was adopted in March 2012. It is available HERE.


Why do we need to update the Comp Plan?

It is important to update a City’s comprehensive plan to ensure that the community has a plan with current goals as well as factors in the latest changes in the City, technology, etc. By updating the plan, Sergeant Bluff will accomplish the following:

  • Outline the most up-to-date, public-supported vision and community goals
  • Create guide for the community’s future (next 10-20 years)
  • Support facilitation of projects and improvements across a range of topics (e.g. economic development, housing, transportation, etc.) throughout community to increase quality of life
  • Increase access to sources of funding needed to complete projects
  • Meet requirement for zoning and division/subdivision regulations to be made in accordance with a comp plan per Iowa Code


Public Input: How can residents be involved?

Public engagement plays a critical role in the development of the comp plan’s goals, objectives, and vision; it ensures that short- and long-term goals represent the community’s aspirations. Also, community support strengthens the plan and the implementation of its goals.

Draft Goals and Objectives Document


Contact Information

For any questions or comments about the Comp Plan or its update process, please email the SIMPCO planning team at, call the SIMPCO office at (712) 279-6286, or leave a comment below:

Comp Plan Contact