Boards and Commissions

You can help your community by serving as a member of a City Advisory Board. Details on each advisory board can be obtained from the City Clerk. If you interested in serving on one of the boards, complete and return the Board Membership Application to the City Hall.

Board of Adjustment

Meetings: held as needed.

The Board of Adjustment hears and decides appeals to any order, requirement, decision, or determination.  The board also hears and reviews variances from any zoning ordinances, if applicable, from the Planning and Zoning Commission.  The Board of Adjustment decides for applications taken concerning with conditional or temporary use permits.

Board of Adjustment Members: 

  • Garry Clark (Chair)
  • Anthony Lamb
  • Carl Johnson
  • Brent Jensen

Parks and Recreation Board

Meetings: Third Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. in Fireside Room at the Sergeant Bluff Community Center located at 903 Topaz Drive

The Parks and Recreation Board recommends policies and regulations for parks and recreation programs.  The board is in charge of the purchase, sale, lease, or exchange of any park property and it establishes personnel levels necessary to operate and maintain the park and recreation programs.  The Parks and Recreation Board reviews applications for grants or subsidies from any other unit of government and establishes the rates and conditions for services rendered to users of the parks and recreation facilities.

Parks and Recreation Board Members: 

  • Tyler Tweet (Ex-Officio Chairman)
  • Neil Stockfleth
  • Colin Tague
  • Angie Van Otterloo
  • Gloria Hawks

Planning and Zoning Commission

Meetings: First Tuesday of every month, with additional meetings as necessary, at 6:00pm and located at the City Hall Conference Room or the Council Chambers when required.

The Planning and Zoning Commission affords residents the opportunity to actively participate in the planning of the City and its welfare; to learn all facets of the regulations governing such functions; interact with a wide variety of citizens participating in shaping Sergeant Bluff's future; and assume an active role in regulation changes involving zoning and subdivision activity.

Planning and Zoning Commission Members:

  • Shawn Streck- Chairman
  • Kevin McGregor - Vice Chair
  • Laurie Beardsley
  • Mark Monson
  • Dan Hunter
  • Lance Roberts