Inspection Services Department

Permits & Inspections - James Colvert
Email: james@cityofsergeantbluff.comcreate new email
Cell Number: 712-899-4882
Code Enforcement Officer/Rental Inspections - Aaron Johnson
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Cell Number: 712-899-9956


OFFICE NUMBER 712-943-9617
FAX NUMBER 712-943-2106

The Inspections Department office is located at City Hall at 501 4th Street.

Code Enforcement
The Inspection department is responsible for addressing nuisance complaints such as junk, tall weeds, un-shoveled sidewalks, unsafe living conditions, and other violations of City Code not handled by the Police Department.  To report a possible nuisance, complete the downloadable nuisance complaint form or complete the online electronic form located below.

Downloadable Form Link
Nuisance Complaint Formopens PDF file
(return form to City Hall or scan it in and send via email to James or Aaron)

Online Form Link
opens in a new windowElectronic Form (the online form will send an automatic email for the submitted form)

To view the status of an existing complaint, have the case number available and follow this link:  Existing Cases.


The Rental program registration form can be picked up at City Hall or below as a downloadable form, or as an online form. Registration forms can be handed in at City Hall, sent to the inspections department via email or submitted online.

Once you complete and have submitted the registration form, contact the Inspection Services Department to schedule an inspection.

Rental Property Registration Application Form: Printable PDF or Online Fillable

Chapter 158 Rental Housing Property Maintenance Code


Permit Applications can be found at City Hall or below as a downloadable form, or as an online form. Permits can be handed in at City Hall, sent to James or Aaron via email or submitted online.

All blank spaces shall be filled in (best of knowledge) and all required documentation shall be submitted with the permit application. Required documents are explained on the application form.

Once submitted, allow 3-5 business days to be contacted about your permit & approval NO WORK is to begin until a permit is paid for and issued. 

Once your application is approved, we will contact you and your permit can be paid for and picked up at City Hall, 501 4th Street, from 8:00am-5:00pm Mon-Fri. Payments can also be made through PSN online once you've been contacted.

When you receive your permit read through it and schedule inspections at least a day in advance of completion of the portion that needs to be inspected.

Pay for permits online

opens in a new windowClick here to make a one-time payment towards a permit.

Need help making the payment call City Hall (712) 943-4244 or follow these simple steps:

  1. Click just want to make a payment without registering
  2. Complete payment information for whom the payment is for
  3. Enter payment method **Checks are FREE; fee of 3.00% (+50¢ if under $100) for credit cards**
  4. Fill in payment details then continue
  5. Confirm information is correct, then submit