Outdoor Fire Places, Fire Pits and Chimneys

You may maintain a fire as long as you follow these rules:

  1. The fire must be located at least 10 feet away from the nearest structure(s) and/or combustible.
  2. Never place a fire on a Combustible surface, such as a wooden deck.
  3. Recreational fire have to be covered with a screen or other protective cover to restrict sparks and embers.
  4. Only firewood, natural gas, charcoal, commercial logs, or untreated dimensional lumber of less than 2' in length may be burned in recreational fires.
  5. If the wind is 20 MPH or higher, there can be no burning.
  6. Recreational fires have to be in a below ground pit at least 4" in depth and surrounded by sidewalls of brick, steel, or masonry or be contained in a commercial or professionally installed fire pit or fireplace.
  7. Recreational fires can only be 3' in diameter or 2' in height.
  8. All recreational fires have to be attended and supervised until completely extinguished.
  9. Any person starting or maintaining a recreational fire must have a portable fire extinguisher, a charged garden hose or other approved extinguishing equipment readily available.
  10. No recreational fires shall be started or maintained on any balcony or deck above grade level.