Loess Hills Scenic Trail (Connector Trail)






The City of Sergeant Bluff would like to inform you of the start of new trail construction for the Loess Hills Scenic Trail Project. The project includes trail construction along Old Lakeport Road and Baker Drive.

A new 10-foot wide (max) concrete paved trail will be constructed along the west side of Old Lakeport Road starting at the intersection of 1st Street and continuing north along Old Lakeport Road approximately 5,375 feet (1.02 miles), ending at the south side of S. Ridge Road. The Baker Drive portion of the trail begins at the intersection with 1st Street, then north along the east side of Baker Drive to Wilde Street intersection where it continues north on the west side of Baker Drive for a total distance of approximately 1,574 feet (0.3 miles) to the existing Baker Park sign. Following grading and paving operations, all areas disturbed by the Contractor will be seeded.

The homeowner will be responsible for the removal and capping of any sprinkler systems within the City/County right-of-way in areas of the proposed improvements. If the homeowner does not remove these items, the Contractor will remove them but will not be responsible for any damage that may occur. If you have any other improvements in the right-of -way area, you will be responsible for removing those improvements prior to the beginning of the project. This must be done at your expense, and it is not the responsibility of the Contractor or the City. Examples of other improvements include, but are not limited to, any decorative landscaping including plants, fencing, etc. During times of trail paving, access across the trail will be restricted until the concrete has had time to set. Sawing of the concrete is required between 4 to 24 hours after paving; this sawing may be performed in the middle of the night. Although this may seem like an inconvenience to area residents, the timing of sawing newly placed concrete is critical to the overall quality of the pavement. The law enforcement dispatch center will be made aware of the work to be performed after hours with the project. Please keep pets inside during days of paving to avoid tracking onto the slab.

During trail construction the Contractor will pick-up garbage and recyclables (if you currently have service) at the location currently utilized today, if placed within construction limits (end of each driveway). Mail delivery and drop-off will also be coordinated between Contractor and US Postal Service with temporary group mailboxes located throughout the construction limits. Relocation of any permanent mailboxes to just outside the trail area will also be completed by the Contractor.

Vehicular access to properties during trail construction will be provided by the Contractor at existing driveway locations. This may be achieved by half-width construction of driveway or an adjacent temporary driveway construction with gravel surfacing to provide min. 10-foot wide access. If you have concerns with your access, you may contact the Contractor.

The Contractor’s work schedule – 5 days a week 7 AM to 7 PM (occasional Saturday work, schedule, and weather dependent)


  1. Removals and Grading
  2. Trail subgrade
  3. Trail concrete (String lines to be used for the paving machine.)
  4. Driveway approach concrete
  5. Final grading and

There are no planned utility outages.


Two-way traffic on Old Lakeport Road and Baker Drive is to be maintained at all times, except when the Contractor is actively working at the edge of the road/street with grading and paving operations. There will be times when a “Spot Location Lane Closure with Flaggers” will be required during grading and paving operations.


The Contractor will commence work on May 20th with an estimated completion date to be end of August 2024. Timeline completion of project is weather dependent.

You may contact the Contractor, Project Observer, or the City/County at any point during construction for more information regarding the project schedule.

Lita Hirschman                                                                         Mark Nahra, PE

Project Manager                                                                      County Engineer

Steve Harris Construction                                                        Woodbury County

712.870.9846                                                                           712.873.3215

lita@steve-harris.com                                                              mnahra@woodburycountyiowa.gov


Aaron Lincoln, PE                                                                    Bryan Wells, PE

City Administrator                                                                   Project Manager

City of Sergeant Bluff                                                              DGR Engineering

712.943.4244                                                                           712.266.1554

aaron@cityofsergeantbluff.com                                              bryan.wells@dgr.com


Jason Kvidera                                                                          Rich Johnson

Assistant City Administrator                                                    Project Observer

City of Sergeant Bluff                                                               DGR Engineering

712.943.4244                                                                            712.203.1327

jason@cityofsergeantbluff.com                                               richard.johnson@dgr.com








Maps pertaining to the Loess Hills Scenic Trail can be found below.

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