Building Permit Application

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    ISSUANCE DATE: ______________________________

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  • **If not the property owner, you must be registered with the State of Iowa as a Contractor**
  • A SWPPP is required if more than 1 acre of land is disturbed for a building project. The City will do required inspections to verify SWPPP requirements are being maintained. The SWPPP is the responsibility of the property owner.
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    • This application must be accompanied by a full set of building plans. (Hand drawn may be accepted if done to scale.)
      The following will be required: 1) Site Plan 2) Floor Plan 3) Elevations 4)Footing/Foundation/Wall Sections 5) Grading Plan (showing drainage plan) 6) RES-Check or COM-Check (mandatory enforcement of energy code requirements.) Exceptions to these requirements may apply to simple remodels, decks, sprinkler systems, etc. (Call the office if unsure 712-943-9617)
      I hereby apply for a building permit as described herein and as drawn on all attached drawings submitted with this application. I further state that the said construction will be in accordance with this application and in compliance with the Sergeant Bluff, Iowa Municipal Code. I also hereby authorize Utility Service for the above address to be put into my name and I understand that I am responsible for any cost that arises from this Utility Service until Utilty Service gets transferred to the rightful owner fo the property.*
    • 1) Said applicant shall submit a drawing of the lot (minimum 8 1/2 X 11), depicting existing buildings, and proposed construction giving lot dimensions, buildings, and the distance proposed buildings will be from all lot lines. 2) THIS BUILDING PERMIT IS VOID SIX (6) MONTHS FROM ITS ISSUANCE DATE 3) All contractors working in Sergeant Bluff must provide proof of a valid registration with the Iowa State Division of Labor Services. 4) City Hall must be notified before any taps into water & sewer mains are made. All taps must be approved by the Maintenance Superintendent/Director. 5) It shall be the contractor/owner's responsibility to keep all construction sites cleaned daily during new or remodeling process of construction. Violations will be cited. 6) ALL UTILITIES ARE UNDERGROUND, CONTACT IOWA ONE CALL AT 1-800-292-8989 BEFORE DOING ANY DIGGING 7) EPA and DNR sediment and erosion control requirements are strictly enforced. 8) Mud must be cleaned off the street on a daily basis 9) Grinding of curbs or driveways is mandatory. No cutting is allowed 10) No burning of construction materials is allowed. 11) Eaves, cornices, and similar features may extend one foot into a required yard space except that eaves may encroach three feet into a yard space when such yard space is ten feet or more in width. 12) Contact Postmaster before installing mailbox. 13) YOUR CONSTRUCTION MAY BE SUBJECT TO ADDITIONAL PRIVATE REQUIREMENTS. THE CITY DOES NOT MAINTAIN OR ENFORCE RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS, PLAT REQUIREMENTS OR DEED RESTRICTIONS. PROPERTY OWNERS ARE CAUTIONED TO CHECK FOR PRIVATE COVENANTS, RESTRICTIONS AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS BEFORE CONSTRUCTION. TO FIND OUT IF YOUR PROPERTY IS SUBJECT TO ANY SUCH REQUIREMENTS, PROPERTY OWNERS SHOULD CHECK RECORDS ON FILE WITH THE WOODBURY COUNTY RECORDER'S OFFICE.
      The City of Sergeant Bluff Requires you to have an approved, signed and paid building permit before any construction is started.