Demolition Permit Application


    PERMIT NO. ___________________________________

    ISSUANCE DATE: ______________________________

    FEE AMOUNT: _________________________________

  • The company/contractor/individual performing the demolition is responsible for all utility disconnects per City direction. You must contact MARK HUNTLEY at (712) 203-0215 for information on water and sewer disconnects. You must provide a copy of the permit to Mid American Energy for power and gas disconnects. Call Cable One and any phone companies for disconnects. You must also call 811 at least 48 hours prior to digging of any type.

    All basements are expected to be removed completely. No materials will be buried. NO EXCEPTIONS. All fill shall be compacted and site graded and seeded upon completion or when weather allows or contract dictates.

    Liability Information:
  • Provide current certificate (250,000/1,000,000 minimum required for City buildings 100,000/250,000 private)
  • Asbestos Information
  • General Information * This application form shall be used to notify the City of Sergeant Bluff and Woodbury County of a demolition operation only. Notification is required for every demolition. All boxes must be completed. Appropriate fee will be collected upon arrival by City and delivery of permit. Applications may be faxed to (712) 943-2106, but job permit will not be issued until a valid check, cashier's check or money order for applicable fees is received. * Notification shall be provided to the City at least 10 working days prior to commencement of demolition, or as early as possible prior to commencement of emergency demolition. The notification period will not start until a complete notification is submitted. The State of Iowa also requires a 10 day notification period. * Review your permit carefully for accuracy. * If the job is postponed or cancelled, the City must be notified of a revision. When cancelled, a cancellation fee will apply. * For specifically-defined "Emergency conditions, the 10 working day period will be waived. Notification must be made by fax, and the job number will be issued if accompanied with a faxed copy of a valid check, cashier's check or money order. Contact this office if you feel that "emergency" conditions apply.
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