ATV Regulations in Sergeant Bluff

You may now use your ATV/UTV within City limits without registering at City Hall.  The following regulations apply to ATV and UTV Vehicles

  • ATV’s must be registered with the DNR and the registration carried with you
  • DNR Registration Decal must be displayed.
  • You must be 18 years of age and have a valid drivers license
  • Liability insurance and proof of coverage must be carried with you
  • Must obey speed limits, but may not exceed 35 miles per hours
  • ATV must have headlights, tail and brake lights, horn and rearview mirrors
  • ATV’s may NOT be operated in any park or playground, or on any sidewalk

To view the entire ordinance and additional regulations, CLICK HERE.

To view the changes to Iowa law and additional regulations, CLICK HERE.