Salvage Theft Examination

Citizens that are in need to have Salvage Vehicle Theft Examination (VTE) to be done by the Sergeant Bluff Police Department you will now use the Internet to apply for a VTE and make payment for the Salvage Vehicle Theft Examination within the electronic system, follow the instructions and payment requirements, before you can schedule an appointment with law enforcement to complete the Vehicle Theft Examination.  Please click here to direct you to the site where you can apply for a VTE and make your payment.

The Sergeant Bluff Police Department will no longer complete Vehicle Theft Examination on paper VTE forms nor will they accept any form of payment.  The Sergeant Bluff Police Department will check to ensure that you have completed the electronic application online before scheduling a VTE since the Officer(s) can only approve a VTE electronically.

You will need to obtain the appropriate salvage title per Iowa law, have all receipts gathered and the vehicle repaired of all defects (except body markings, trim, paint, and airbag replacement per Iowa Code and Administrative rule).

You will still need to bring all of the receipts for all parts utilized to repair the Salvage Vehicle to the examination for the officer to view, a completed permit to drive the vehicle for examination to your inspection location and your salvage title as proof of ownership.

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