Load Management Program

What is Load Management?

Load Management is a method of controlling the demand of power within our electric system and lowering the utility’s and the customer’s costs. By reducing the elevated electrical demands during only a few peak hours a day, normally during late afternoons on the hottest summer days, you can help postpone the need for new power plants. During the peak electricity-use times, the switch operates the central air conditioner for approximately 7 minutes of every half-hour. The peak-use times usually occur only a few days a month and last for a few hours. The objective of load management is to accurately forecast the period of time load management controls are necessary to beat the peak, and to keep the total hours of load management to a minimum.

Why is Load Management Important?

During hot summer afternoons, electricity is at its highest cost. It is recommended to set the temperature at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The large amount of electricity needed during this time is considered the “peak demand.” By joining the program, you will help conserve energy, stabilize rates, and reduce the chance of power shortages and rolling blackouts.

Benefits to Load Management

  • The customer receives a $4.25 monthly credit on utility bills during the months of June - September only, plus a lower electricity rate all year.
  • The switch produces savings through reduced wholesale power costs.
  • Customers have the ability to reduce power costs every month.
  • Loads are controlled remotely and directly by the municipality.
  • Load management averages 8.6 hours of applied controls per peak month allowing residents to save every month.
  • Reduced load equals reduced future energy costs.

How Load Management Works

The Load Management switch is radio controlled. The switch tells your air conditioning (AC) unit that the inside temperature has been reached at your thermostat and to shut down. The switch operates for approximately 7 minutes of every half-hour, after which time your AC can come back on if your thermostat still calls for it. While the AC is off, your inside fan continues to run circulating the air inside your house. You probably will not even notice when the Load Management runs. It occurs only a few times on days with extremely high or low temperatures, when customers use significantly more electricity. This program has typically been limited to 10-15 days per year.

Who is Eligible?

The program is offered to any residential or commercial customer who uses our electric for their central air conditioner. Excludes window air conditioners.

Rental tenants must obtain the owner's permission and signature prior to joining the load management program.

How do I Sign Up?

Please visit City Hall at 401 4th Street and fill out a form or download the Load Management application by clicking here. Please return the application to City Hall by mail, in person, or place in drop box.

Customers who wish to participate in the City of Sergeant Bluff Load Management Program will allow the municipality's electric department to install a load management switch on their air conditioner compressor to receive credits on their monthly bill.

For more information please call City Hall at (712) 943-4244.