Rental Program Registration Form

Rental Property Registration Form

Mailing Address
  1. Rental Certificate
    1. $35.00 per year for Single Family or $105.00 for 3-years.
    2. $50.00 per year for Duplex, or $25.00 per side
    3. $25.00 per building plus $15.00 per unit per year for Multi-Family
  2. Inspections
    1. 1st Inspection - $0
    2. 1st Re-Inspection - $50.00 or $0 if violations are corrected
    3. 2nd Re-Inspection and Subsequent Re-Inspections - $100.00 per inspection
    4. No Show Fee (for a scheduled inspection)  -$75.00 payable by homeowner
  3. Tenant Requested Inspections     -    $35.00 payable by requestor

Once you have turned in this form, contact the Inspection Services department to schedule an inspection. 

If you have any questions regarding this registration form, please contact City Hall or the Inspections Department.  

Aaron Johnson

Inspection Services Department, City of Sergeant Bluff